Scott Joyce

illustrator | animator | designer

St Philips Church



Client: St Philips Church

Commission: We had a new vicar, Revd Paul Ferguson start at our local church where I attend. After initially getting to know Paul, I approached him and asked if he would like any help with rebranding or if he was thinking of looking for something new and more contemporary within this area. Immediately Paul replied with a confident yes. When a new vicar comes to a church, there are always new ideas and changes and the visual identity was also something that Paul wanted to bring up to date. With a background in landscape design, Paul had already made a start with some ideas to update the branding. I came to him just at the right time, as he needed help with the artistic and design skills to take what he had started through to completion.

After carrying out my own research and meeting up with Paul on several occasions, I developed what I felt was a strong logo design. As Paul has a creative mind he had a strong sense of what he was after. On presenting this design to him it became apparent that it was not quite complete. So I went away and pulled together all the development work we had done and talked through. Sure enough, within my sketches and development work I had already hit on something that just needed a little more work. So taking these sketches, Paul’s initial work and my first design into account I developed a second concept through to presentation. When showing this to Paul it was clear straight away that I had succeeded and the design was complete.

The St Philips pictorial mark represents the loaves and fishes.

The loaves are drawn as a continual line linking with each other and the fish flow from these lines. The fish are both individual and are integrated into the design. This design symbolises coming together, linking with each other, unity and friendship –  all in a contemporary design.