Scott Joyce

illustrator | animator | designer

Photograph of Scott Joyce, illustrators Bath, UK

I am an illustrator, animator and designer, creating clean, clear, visual communication. I have a clean style to my work, whether this is within my illustration style or my design work. I strive to achieve simplicity with uncomplicated imagery and design. I aim to create a clear message, with clear details that reaches my client’s audience with impact.

I enjoy working with my clients and get great satisfaction from creating alongside them, incorporating their thoughts and ideas into a final product that we can both be proud of. My experience ranges from branding and corporate design work to promotional animated videos and illustrations.

Illustration: When I was 6 years old in 1982 I watched The Snowman, originally illustrated by Raymond Briggs. I also enjoyed his grumpy Father Christmas books when I was young. I was heavily influenced by this and even now still watch the animated films each Christmas with my two young daughters as a tradition. When illustrating images I like to think that my work translates well to all ages. I always start with a pencil and develop my ideas this way, I then mostly complete my work digitally. I primarily studied illustration, as well as graphic design, and these skills underpin all my animation and logo design work.

Animation: My short animated films bring my illustration and design experience to life. I have carried out animation work for businesses and charities. Simple animated Illustrations, info graphics and images telling a story can often deliver a message very simply and powerfully, for example some of my previous work has had a sensitive nature that could never be translated with film and real life people. I’ve sometimes been supplied a script or I’ve worked with a client as they develop their idea into a script. Turning the script into a storyboard really helps to see what a story is going to look like visually. Accompanying audio takes you from start to finish and is often key to telling a story well. I’ve previously had audio supplied and can get this outsourced from a voiceover professional. Alternatively, if there is someone within your organisation that can turn the script into a voiceover, even better. I’ll come and record the performance and it will have that personal touch delivered from someone who really knows the message you want to portray.

Design: When approaching logo design my preference is always to create a strong image, with typography coming as a secondary supportive part. I often feel a pictorial mark speaks louder than words. Of course, typography is often fused into an image or is the basis of a logo design, turning it into an identifiable image and brand. When designing for a client I’ll supply their new design in a number of formats that can be used for multiple different uses.

I have a wide range of clients who have been delighted with the work we have achieved together:

“His professional attitude, eye for detail and thorough (and I mean thorough!) thought process is second to none.”

“I’ve found him to be creative, calm and always willing to go the extra mile.”

“One of my best decisions was to work with Scott for my company’s branding. He immediately understood what I was looking for and the type of image I wanted to create.”

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why pantone 304, illustrators Bath, UK

Why did I decide to use Pantone 304 as my corporate brand colour?

Well if you’d like to know, this is why: Between 1960 – 1965 Fender guitars had (introduced) in my opinion, a very cool colour in their colour scheme – Daphne Blue. The Fender Daphne Blue colour was inspired by the blue American Cadillac. In the early 1960s, a man named Lawrence Herbert was driving to work in his blue American Cadillac with cherry red seats. He was trying to resolve a problem, a “universal colour system” in which each shade of colour had its own reference number. He named his company Pantone print company. So, my favourite guitar colour is also the colour of the car driven by the man who invented Pantone colours! This is why I chose Pantone 304, and of course why I have a Daphne Blue guitar!


    • “Scott redesigned our charity logo for us which we love and we would highly recommend him and his work. He took our brief and injected his own creative ideas and showed an excellent appreciation of the style we were after. He worked quickly and involved us in the design process which was much appreciated and at the end gave us a thorough presentation of brand guidelines which we can use going forwards. Scott was calm and professional throughout, took the time to listen to our thoughts and ideas and came up with new and unique designs which were great. I would happily recommend him and will definitely use his services again in the future!”
      Gilly Samuddin, Youth & Co-ordinator, CYPN-Children & Young People’s Network
    • “I worked with Scott for a complete brand refresh. His response was outstanding. He adapted to my evolving ideas, revisited aspects of the design and, above all, listened to me throughout the process. I am absolutely delighted with the result. I asked Scott to take my idea and “make it work”. He did that 110%. In addition to the creative design work, Scott gave me comprehensive advice on the practical use of the branding – everything from how colours appear on different print finishes to a detailed set of brand guidelines. Scott is very talented and goes the extra mile. Definitely use him for your design requirements!”
      Paul Ferguson, Church & Vicar, St Philips Church
    • “We are very grateful to Scott for turning our ideas into an animation that captures the message we wanted to convey. He carefully researched our organisation and took the time to understand the context and desired outcomes of the animation project. Scott consulted us at every stage of the process and was extremely responsive to our suggestions. He is obviously a perfectionist and someone who puts a great deal of thought and care into his work. Scott’s quote was extremely reasonable. A pleasure to work with and we would definitely recommend him to other organisations.”
      Roz Osborne, GlobalARRK, Global Action on Relocation & Return with Kids. If you would like to know more about GlobalARRK here is a link to their website:
    • corporte business logo transformed into a Chirstmas card, corporte Chirstmas card, Christmas illustration, illustrators Bath, UK“A chance meeting at an industry conference led me to use Scott to illustrate a Christmas card for my consulting business, and after one lunch meeting where I talked at length about what I do, we came up with an idea that Scott followed through on perfectly, resulting in a card that I am extremely pleased with and I am confident will make all of my clients smile this Christmas!”
      Paul Freeman, PassFail Consulting Ltd. Here is a link to Paul’s LinkedIn profile:
    • “When I have needed illustrations for work with a specific brief I have always approached Scott first. His professional attitude, eye for detail and thorough (and I mean thorough!) thought process is second to none. Having also worked in the ‘graphics’ business for several years I know the importance of listening to clients. Scott not only listens to the brief, he will advise and commit wholeheartedly ensuring that all parties are happy with the final result. Give Scott a try – you won’t be disappointed!”
      Daniel Jones, Youth & Children’s Adviser, Diocese of Bristol
    • “I’ve worked with Scott on a number of creative publishing projects, each time I’ve found him to be creative, calm and always willing to go the extra mile. His extensive graphic design and illustrative skills, combined with his industry knowledge of printing options and finishes, is invaluable when working on new projects and ideas. I would recommend Scott for a wide range of publishing, advertising and creative opportunities.”
      Vicki Atkinson, Freelance Writer & Editor
    • “One of my best decisions was to work with Scott for my company’s branding. He immediately understood what I was looking for and the type of image I wanted to create. Scott can turn around designs quickly, easily and without guidance; exactly what you are looking for when time is so precious. I would not hesitate to recommend him and look forward to a long and continued creative relationship with his company.”
      Lisa Barnes, Health & Wellness Coach, LBH Superfoods. If you would like to know more about LBH Superfoods here is a link to their website:
      Here is also a link to the LBH Clinic: