Scott Joyce

illustrator | animator | designer

Space girl, Oluna & KB-401

Client: Self initiated project

Commission: I created this children’s illustration for an exhibition with the South West Illustrators (Swill) group. The exhibition was through ART AT THE HEART OF THE RUH at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. The exhibition ran from 5th May – 15th June 2017.

When creating the character of the girl I decided on the name Oluna. From the start I wanted her to have a friendly side kick. To start with I had an alien in mind, but sketching out ideas I felt a robot was more fitting. In establishing the robot’s name I came up with KB-401. KB is short for Kid’s Buddy with 401 being his serial number. When buying the robot for Oluna, her parents chose 401 as he was a gift for Oluna, forOl, 401.

The finished signed and framed Giclée print that appeared at the exhibition ART AT THE HEART OF THE RUH.