Scott Joyce

illustrator | animator | designer

Roundhill Hub

Brand identity

Client: Bath Youth for Christ

Commission: I was approached by Bath Youth for Christ to look at the branding for the community building that they use. After the whole team relocated to these premises back in 2020 there have been further plans for the future and how to use the building in a way that better serves the local community of Southdown in Bath. As part of this development, design plans have been made to improve and extend the building. As a local hub the building is also used by Mentoring Plus, Oasis, Motus Dance Academy and Charity Establish with other organisations currently in discussion to also start using the building.

Being used by a number of different organisations it was decided that the building needed a new identity of its own as an umbrella sitting over all the different organisations that use the building.

After carrying out my research and developing my ideas I hit upon a strong concept. On presenting this design to the client it became apparent that the concept was just right, however the design did need some development before completion. I went away and produced two more slightly different variations, with a decision being made between us on the cleanest design. Below is the summary taken from my brand guidelines:

The Roundhill pictorial mark clearly represents Roundhill within a circle.

Roundhill is a well recognised landmark to the local people of Southdown and to the people of Bath as a whole.

With the community building being positioned in the prime spot right at the centre of the bottom of the hill, this design reflects its location and position within the community of Southdown. A circle (framing the hill) symbolises community, unity and completeness  – all in a contemporary design.