Scott Joyce

illustrator | animator | designer

adh sound

Brand identity for startup

Client: adh sound

Commission: I was approached by adh sound to create a brand identity for their business. As I am a musician myself, I already knew Alex and how talented he is at managing sound and lighting for live events. The first thing we did was to meet up and talk through his requirements. I like to do this with all new clients if I can, ideally face to face or via an online call. After this I have all the information I need to go away, quote for the work and once we agree on a price I can start my research. After carrying out my research and communicating with Alex, I arranged a second meeting to present my research back to him. By doing this and showing him other designs I had gathered within his field, I could then start to build a more detailed picture of what he was after in terms of design and discover his likes and dislikes. This helps navigate what direction we need to take the project in. From this second meeting I have everything I need to get to work and to start creating ideas and concepts. On developing my ideas I often reach a stage where I know I have something strong. On this occasion I had two concepts to work up to presentation stage. I had a favourite of the two designs and was pleased to hear Alex felt the same way. After this I then take the project through to completion and produce Brand guidelines along with additional designs that the client has requested.

The adh pictorial mark represents a speaker cone with the initials adh (Alexander David Hills) forming this simple shape.